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We are black women in conversation with other black women. Talking about, and opining on all things black womanhood. Seeking to redress the imbalance in the representation of Black women and their voices in the media and more widely across society.  Sharing our journeys and learning from each other.

Sisters, Friends, and Guests, a podcast that brings black women’s experiences and voices to the centre of the conversation.

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Sisters Friends and Guests

Jacqueline Auma is founder of the London Afro-Caribbean Book Club which has been running since 2009. She organises regular events relating to books and literature in and around London and has moderated panel discussions at both Africa Writes and Black Book Swap. Her three passions are books, travel and connecting people. Jacqueline’s background is in law and when she is not reading, travelling or networking, she works as a consultant advising on regulatory compliance, privacy and data protection.

Sonia Ygo is co-founder of the Sisters, Friends, and Guests Podcast and sits on the committee of Black and Brown Staff Network. She has a keen interest in issues that shape and influence social and systemic structures that disadvantage under-represented groups, and uses her influence and skills to challenge inequality and campaign for change. She is curious about data intelligence and digital technologies and how they can be applied to transform and improve people’s lives.  A fashion enthusiast, and an avid listener of podcasts she has an appreciation for anything that engages her creative side.

Sisters Friends and Guests

Sisters, Friends and Guests

Krissi Boakye is an experienced Innovation, research and strategy consultant and CEO and founder of Digital Medical Certificate, a start-up that is a working on a digital health passport that will disrupt the travel insurance industry.  She is passionate about technology and loves all things involving innovation and creativity, so much so that in 2017 she was a global nominee for a NASA Space Apps. In her spare time, she enjoys making jewellery, walking and watching crime related programs such as Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and Order Special Victims Unit and Crime Junkie.

Caroline Obonyo is a Barrister specialising in human rights law, commercial law, public and information security law.  She has extensive experience advising in these areas and over the years has worked in private practice, local government, regulatory bodies and a variety of charities/ non-profit organisations. She has lived and worked in the continents of Africa, North America and Europe. Outside of the law she is a foodie, and an avid book reader.  She loves travelling and hopes to do an epic cycling trip in the future.

Jackie Smith has spent nearly three decades in the field of Law and, outside of her professional work, two decades volunteering as a lay member on various panels within her community.  Her core values of integrity and honesty have enabled her to be a great facilitator and role model amongst her peers.  She is an active promoter of career development and corporate social responsibility. As a black woman she values the importance of being your authentic self and the power that comes with shared sisterhood. 

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