Politics and Representation with Christine Dean and Maureen Obi-Ezekpazu

Christine Dean is a child of Caribbean migrants, mother of two and wife and deputy leader of the Women’s Equality Party. Her beliefs and value system have been shaped by her parent’s experiences, her inner-city upbringing and state school education.  As a former family lawyer, Christine worked extensively in the area of child social care/child protection advising and representing women on domestic violence and social care issues.  She is passionate about fighting for women’s equality and improving women’s ability to be heard.  

Twitter: @legaleagle,

Instagram: wepchristine

Website: Women’s Equality Party

Maureen Ngozi Obi-Ezekpazu is a Barrister with over 30 years experience  of holding the State to account when it has interfered with the lives of individuals. She runs her own Barristers chambers where she specialises in children and family law, civil litigation and human rights law, providing advice, advocacy and mediation. She is also a certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner and Facilitates workshops that centre on providing Emotional Intelligence and resilience tools to clients. She has three children and lives in London.

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Twitter: MaureenWEP,

Website: Family Matters

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