Episode 5: Navigating the Workplace with Yvonne Nyabango and Dr Mariam Adegoke

Continuing the Women in Leadership series, this episode focuses on achieving success in the workplace. During this conversation we will discuss the challenges that black women face at work, and share ideas on how to overcome these. Guests Yvonne Nyabango and Dr. Mariam Adegoke share steps that we can use to not only take control of our careers, but to also help us advance into senior leadership positions.

Guest contact information:

Yvonne Email – ynyabango@gmail.com Twitter @YNyabango Instagram -Y Nyabango

Mariam Instagram – drmariamadegoke or @ilenetwork

Resources and further reading:

Board diversity push leaves out women of colour

Colour of Power

Female FTSE Board Report 

Beyond the Old Boys Club Suzanne Doyle Morris

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