S2 Episode Eight: It’s okay not to be okay

In this episode we are joined by our friend Tokunbo Koiki to discuss mental health within the black community.  We share our personal experiences with mental health, how it has affected us and those around us and how we have coped.  We also discuss the reluctance of the black community to talk about mental health, share some tips on how to identify when we need help and what organisations we can turn to for help.

We consider this conversation to be informative, positive and nurturing but we acknowledge that there may be those who find this difficult in parts.  Our priority is to ensure we as women care for our well-being and there are resources linked to this episode on our website, sfgpod.com, to encourage and support us all.

Tokunbo Koiki was born in London but spent her early formative years in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. A self-proclaimed ‘accidental entrepreneur’ she is the founder of Tokunbo’s Kitchen, an award-winning food brand and Styled by Toks, a personal styling service for creative entrepreneurs and a social worker. Tokunbo has a powerful story, but more importantly, she personally believes that everyone else does too. Through the Tokunbo Chronicles podcast, she combines insightful solo episodes with riveting interviews to share transformational stories that educate, entertain and empower her audience. 

Websites: https://tokunbokoiki.com/ and https://www.tokunboskitchen.com/

Instagram: Styledbytoks

Twitter: @Toksy27


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Black Community Specific Resources – IRIE Mind

Types of Counselling (BACP Membership)

NHS – Symptoms: Post-traumatic stress disorder

Suicide Support Line

Black Minds Matter

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