S2 Episode Seven: Let’s talk about sex

In this episode we focus on women’s awareness of their sensuality and their right to enjoy sex and pleasure (as adults).  We cover all elements of sexual health from physical, emotional to mental and social aspects.  We also delve into the culture and societal factors that prevent us from lying back and enjoying sex.

We consider this conversation to be informative, positive and nurturing but we acknowledge that there may be those who find this difficult in parts. Our priority is to ensure we as women care for our well-being and there are resources linked to this episode and on our website, sfgpod.com, to encourage and support us all.

Gender is traditionally used to describe the characteristics of women and men that are socially constructed, while sex refers to those that are biologically determined.  We will refer to gender as women throughout this conversation but recognise that this is not how everyone may wish to identify.

Jodie Slee is a trauma informed relationship and psychosexual therapist and has over 12 years’ experience helping couples and individuals successfully overcome relationship issues or to achieve their sexual goals.  She has extensive knowledge in theories and strategies in psychology, behavioural sciences and sexology.  Jodie has trained with globally recognised institutions such as The Tavistock and The Relate Institutes and has been featured in numerous mainstream media articles and blogs as a subject matter expert.

She has held practices in both the UK and New York and is passionate about healing the emotional wounds of trauma; in particular working with the survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.  If you are her client, be assured that there will be no judgement, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Email: jodie@sensatetherapy.com   

Twitter: @sensatetherapy 

Website: Sensate Therapy

Nicole Noir is a leading entrepreneur, founder of Noir Naughty a sexual wellness brand focussing on serving the sensuality of Black bodies.  She is a prolific storyteller under the guise of the NoirNaughty Podcast; narrating erotic anthologies which centre the pleasures and fantasies of Black Women and women of colour.  If you want to be entertained, educated and enthralled make sure you connect with the Brand.

At the age of 26 Nicole was able to build her dream and continues to work towards the recognition and celebration of authentic black female sexuality.  She is the epitome of Black Girl Magic.

Email: info@noirnaughty.com   

Instagram: Noir.Naughty   

Facebook: Noir   Naughty  

Twitter: @NoirNaughty  

Website: Noir Naughty

Podcast: Noir Naughty: Erotic Anthology


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