S2 Episode Six – It’s all about the benjamins

Bitcoin, Ethereum, dodge coin and blockchain, we have all heard about them recently.  But what are they? What they are the rewards and risks of investing in them and how do you get started?  In this episode Jacqueline and Caroline are joined by Jonathan Lilley and Ijeoma Nwokolo of the Stock Pickers Academy to discuss all things cryptocurrency.

Jonathan is a father, an investor, a martial arts teacher and life coach.  He believes that obtaining wealth is a skill which can be taught and learnt over time, and that  fulfilment, completeness and divine wholeness is a manifestation of your choices. He encourages everyone to make the right choices to transform their lives through planning, research, taking it one word and step at a time. 

Jonathan contact details:

Website: https://www.jonathanlilleywrites.com/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/sosostandsup

Telegram:  https://t.me/joinchat/TgArTrjQ3JrwB8gl

Publications: Amazon page

Ijeoma Nwokolo is an IT professional specialising in cyber security and data analytics.  She is also the Co-founder and CTO at eWorker a recruitment platform which seeks to give exceptional black talent access to opportunities in world-class companies.  Her investment journey started with stocks but now focuses more on cryptocurrency which she believes she understands better because of her programming background.

Ijeoma contact details:

Website: https://www.eworker.co/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ije_nwok

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Stock Pickers Academy

What is Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin for beginners

Four types of cryptocurrency and what they are good for

Disclaimer: Any information provided in this episode is not intended nor does it constitute financial, tax, legal, investment, or other type of advice, and should not be wholly relied upon.  Sisters, Friends & Guests have taken every care to ensure the information provided in this episode and the resources linked on our website, sfgpod.com, are correct at the time of recording and therefore disclaims liability for any advice acted upon

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