S2 Episode Ten: Pappa I’m a millionaire

Money begets more money so the saying goes. But with research from the Runnymede Trust showing that for every £1 a white British family has, black Caribbean households have about 20p and black African households approximately 10p, the odds seem stacked against us.

In this week’s episode, we speak to three ladies who are on a mission to change the status quo for their families through trading and investing.  Not only for the additional income, but also as a means of creating a legacy of wealth for their children and for future generations.

In the conversation they discuss the different ways of investing and how they manage to balance their trading activities with their responsibilities as mothers and career women.

Sharmayne Pitkin is a business educated Senior Manager in the healthcare industry specialising in governance and data quality.   She sees trading as a stream of income that can grow and secure her family’s future.

Her aim is to show others how a duplicating strategy can change your life and create generational wealth even though the economic climate would have you think otherwise.  As a woman of God her dream is to see people secure and fulfilled to the point where they can help others on their journeys too.

Instagram- Shar_Dionne

Vernice Wint is a mother of two, a trader and an entrepreneur.  Working from home, she runs Mums on a Mission where she helps mums and women learn a new skill so they can become the best versions of themselves and attain freedom in all areas of their lives.

Instagram – Mums on a mission

Facebook – Mums on a Mission

Lois Brown is a devout Christian, wife, mother to four boys, a property Investor and wealth educator and mentor. Lois is a PA by profession, and also the founder of 2 Sweet Occasions and The Fleur Academy Event planning & Event Décor companies, specialising in Flowers, Balloons, Gift Hampers, Catering, and Training. She describes her journey into the crypto world as life changing and now dedicates large amounts of her time spreading the word to others so they too can be impacted.

Instagram: iamloisb and 2sweetoccasions

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lois.brown.716

Twitter: Lois2SO


2 Sweet Occasions

IM Academy

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