S2 Episode Four – Get me home

In this episode we are joined by property investment experts Tanya day and Stephanie Taylor. Both Tanya and Stephanie are passionate about the property industry and constantly seek opportunities to extend their knowledge and share resources.

In the conversation we focus on the cultural influence and attitudes to home ownership and property investment.  We highlight and raise awareness of the social impact of home ownership as individuals and the importance of building property portfolios to create a legacy of generational wealth.  Get ready to re-write the narrative!

Tanya Daye is a daughter and grand-daughter to Jamaican parents and grandparents, mother and step-mother to amazingly talented children. Based in South London she has a passion for promoting, encouraging and building legacy and generational wealth through the purchase of property.  She is a landlord, property investor, ARLA qualified Letting Agent and a bespoke personal Estate Agent.

Email:    tanyaestateagent.co.uk

Tel:    07904 471402

Website:    tanyaestateagent.co.uk

Instagram:    TanyaEstateAgent

Facebook:    TanyaEstateAgent

Stephanie Taylor, mother, daughter, entrepreneur (featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Telegraph, Property Investor Today), podcast host, published writer (#1 Best-selling Author of Rent 2 Rent Success) … in fact so many accolades!  Together with her sister, Nicky, they have become game changers in ethical property investment and have developed the Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter Programme to enable many others to achieve life-changing results

Email:        support@rent2rentsuccess.com

Websites:    www.rent2rentsuccess.com and www.hmoheaven.co.uk

Instagram:    stephanietproperty

LinkedIn:    linkedin.com/in/missstephanietaylor

Facebook:    Rent 2 Rent Success


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Reported Article: Black Home Owner Sees Value of House Double After Asking White Friend to Stand in for Appraisal (19 May 2021)


Disclaimer: Any information provided in this episode is not intended nor does it constitute financial, tax, legal, investment, or other type of advice, and should not be wholly relied upon.  Sisters, Friends & Guests have taken every care to ensure the information provided in this episode and the resources linked on our website, sfgpod.com, are correct at the time of recording and therefore disclaims liability for any advice acted upon.

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